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4planet is a free social movement inviting everyday Australians to register a positive climate action. Every free registration = 1 dollar we donate 🌏

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  • For every registration towards our goal, we donate a dollar towards coral preservation.
    1 rego = 1 dollar
  • Makes you a member of the change generation
  • Tells your friends and family you value positive climate action
  • Empowers policy makers by signalling we are ready for ‘big’ change

4planet partners with The Forever Reef and Reef Unlimited projects


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Make your personal Pledge to reduce your demand on plastics. Consumer action sends a powerful message to suppliers.

Choose one or more of the following plastic products to never use again: Soy sauce fish, water bottle, coffee cup lid, shopping bag, excessive packaging. Or choose your own personal pledge.


Our collective discipline enables a powerful policy argument. Governments are more likely to act if voters prove their position with an action. Sharing your own discipline allows you to expect others and the government to share the same. Be the change makers, exercise your right to be responsible.


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Dedicate An everyday activity to climate awareness. Run, walk, surf, ride, wear. Share your activity with the world on social media.


Mindfulness is exponential. We can measure every dedication and how it makes a positive impact on future catalytic climate action.


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