Saving the planet looks good on you...
Think global, act local and kick start the climate conversation!

Welcome to Wear 4planet

Born of the sun and salt in far north Queensland, WEAR 4planet is all about sustainability, style and starting a climate conversation.

Launching its full product offering later this year, wear4planet will be a key pillar in the 4things 4planet climate movement, focusing on high quality slow fashion with a small range of locally designed and apparel.

We believe we can kick start the climate conversation by making it a focal point. What better way to spread the message than to wear the message? We are committed to producing fully sustainable products and have sourced the most reputabel and industry leading partners in the business.


More on Wear 4planet

4planet thinks global but acts local, spreading awareness about the challenges facing the Great Barrier Reef in the face of the climate crisis and we want you to help us by becoming our greatest ambassadors!

Our range, created by local designers capture the unique essence of Port Douglas, the stunning Great Barrier Reef that sits right at our doorstep and the relaxed far north Queensland vibe.

Let’s wear 4planet shall we?


Join the waiting list to help the direction of design and types of products we produce and of course get first dibs on the new range of high quality, socially conscious clothing as soon as it lands!

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