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At 4planet we're all about exercising our ‘right to be responsible’.

To reduce our impact on the climate we must understand that we need to reduce our impact on the environment and show discipline in choosing companies and governments that align themselves with these beliefs. 

Plastics are not only clogging our waterways and poisoning our oceans they are produced from the very fossil fuels impacting our climate and are currently on a trajectory to double production globally.

What are you waiting for? Choose one of the simple plastic pledges opposite and participate in the 4planet movement.

You’ll be surprised how good it feels 😊 and how quickly your action will communicate to those who can make large changes happen fast 💥 

Choose one or more of the following plastic products to never use again: Soy sauce fish, plastic water bottles, coffee cup lids, shopping bags, excessive packaging.


  • Customer action sends a powerful message to suppliers
  • Our collective actions shape powerful policy arguments.
  • Governments will act when voters prove their position with an action.
  • Sharing your discipline allows you to expect others to share the same.
  • Be a change maker!

Make your pledge today, share it with your followers on socials, stick to it and you will be surprised how satisfying it feels :) 


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