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Dedicate an activity 4planet

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Dedicate an Activity 4planet

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Support 4planet by dedicating a personal or group activity.

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Receive a bunch of free Reefys for your Group

Join thousands of Aussies in 2024 sharing to socials their support of the 4planet Movement by dedicating a group or work activity as their climate action.

This could be as simple as a dedicating your weekly run with your run club, it could be an office morning tea with your colleagues or the reserves footy game on Saturday.

Who can Dedicate an activity 4planet?

  • You; dedicate your next run, walk, ride or surf. Something where you can take time to reflect on your new awareness
  • Your workplace; looking for a team building exercise? Let us know we can help with suiting you up with Reefys
  • Health or fitness groups; yoga classes, gyms, pilates classes, bootcamps, gymnastic clubs, run clubs
  • Local Sports Teams; AFL, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Soccer etc
  • Community clubs such as Scouts, Lions, Mens Sheds, CWA, Rotary Club
  • Community Organisations such as Surf Life Saving Clubs, Nippers
  • Social Groups in your community, such as book clubs, mothers groups, playgroups

Sign up a group

Once you've made contact with us we can send you our awesome Reefy headscarves to wear. See image below.

What activity can we dedicate?

Dedicate your work out, your weekly sports match, dedicate a work morning tea, or team building exercise. Dedicate any positive activity undertaken in your club, 

Share your activity on socials and tag us!

By getting the climate conversation going with friends and co-workers you are joining the groundswell of passionate climate guardians signaling to our Government that now is the time to take big action for our climate. A group effort has exponential outcomes.

Start small, but think big.


We invite you to share your 4planet group activity to your socials and tag us @4planet___